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IMPORTANT: Please consider signing a Gift Aid Declaration form if you are a UK Tax Payer. Click here


Regular at Beacon Church?

Prayerfully consider giving via Standing Order.


Visit us and give in person

give by card

Give online by filling in our form for regular or a

one-off donation.

give by TEXT

Text 07380307800


"BEACON GIVE 10" to give 10 pounds as a on-off gift or "BEACON GIVE 10m" to give 10 pounds monthly


Bank Transfer & Standing Order

If you are a regular at Beacon Church we request you to prayerfully consider giving via Standing Order. To do this, log on to your internet banking account and use the account details below.

Banking Details

Account Name: Beacon Church
Account Number: 20704296
Sort Code: 201612
Reference: (Your full name




Now you can give via text on a smartphone. The number to text is 07380307800. There are three options to give by text.

If you text:


BEACON GIVE 1 - you will get a reply with a link to give £1 as a one off gift

BEACON GIVE 1W - you will get a reply with a link to give £1 as a weekly gift

BEACON GIVE 1M - you will get a reply with a link to give £1 as a monthly gift

It's really easy! Why don't you give it a try and see if it works for you?



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